Draw the picture with photo by Paint Shop Pro. 


White House ƒzƒƒCƒgƒnƒEƒX

 I think that the more clear photos  are better to create the new  pictures.

 And I think there are variables in drawing pictures with photos, the difference way of drawing to get
the exactly the same result.

 If you could find the other way, tell me for improving myself.


White House in USA     ซ




A used Paint Shop Pro. version 6. 

Drawing White House ŠG‰ๆ•—@

 The other one.



 ‡@Image > Edge > Enhance


 ‡AImage > Noise > Median cut 
 2`4 times
 iDepending on your image.j


 ‡BImage > Edge > Enhance














 the photo, Japanese Castle  ซ


Drawing the Castle ŠG‰ๆ•—