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Digital paint that I've been devoted with PSP is very interesting, you could be finding them too. デジタル・ペイント

Tutorial for how to make the image of reflection on the water by PSP. 湖面反射の描き方

Tutorial about wave animation. アニメーション・波の描き方


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サンドリジェピはトロピカルな風景(私的趣向に由る)を材料に、JAVA, FLASH, デジタルペイント、レーク・クラス(湖面、水の動きを表現するジャバアプレット)、等を中心にアプレットの作成方法、ペインテングの表現方法等を中心にやって来ましたが、昨今ジャバアプレット表示が厳しい環境と成り、泣く々アプレット表示を諦めた次第です。

We have been in the borderless world since the Internet permeated all over the world, and at the same time been under the necessity of studying the language, especially English language as the common language in the world. Thus let's study enjoying the English language.

A webmaster loves the tropical lands that give dreams, and in
which he might be living the rest of his life.

So far, this site had expressed the moving water as Java Applet,
but the Applet of its Java has recently been restricted; I am very sorry.

The digital painting with the software "PAINT SHOP PRO" that he loves. When he draws some with it using the Plunging Software the Fantastic Machines is very useful. Some tips in painting he gets from the people who devote painting with "PAINT   SHOP PRO" are very helpful.l.




















画像を作成する時にこんな物が在ると良いな...なんて思った事が有ると思いますが、特にデジタルカメラから自分で写した写真なんかを絵画風にしてみたいと思った事があると思います。そこで此処に紹介する素晴らしいプラグインフィルター,Fantastic Machines(ファンタステック・マシン、フォトショップ、ペイントショップ・プロ等に対応)を使う事で素晴らしい絵に変身させる事が、いとも簡単に出来ます。何よりも無料ダウンロードが嬉しいですね。表記は英語ですが、何と無くいじっているとコツが掴めますので特に問題は無いと思います 。  

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I create pictures with the Plug-in filter, "the Fantastic Machines," which makes them fine pictures as I wanted it to be.
You can use it with Photoshop, PaintShop Pro or any other graphic program that accepts  Photoshop-type Plug-ins to turn photos into paintings. You would be able to operate it easily, and, what is more, it's able to get better than a lot of commercial paint effects Plug-ins. And you can get it free



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